Monday, July 23, 2012

Pinterest review Hawaiin Sweet Roll Ham Sammies

I am starting a blog today.  I'm not a writer.  I'm not funny.  I don't live an extravagant life and oftentimes don't really have anything to say (or really do not think I have anything that is interesting to say).  However, I have become Pinterest addicted.  I am addicted to trying DIY things, new recipes, and learning how to really apply makeup (after 25 years of applying makeup on a daily basis).  So, I have decided to review the things I have tried.  I have come to realize I LOVE cooking.  It's really quite ironic that I have realized how much I love cooking now.  I had weight loss surgery in November, 2011 and can only eat about a cup of what I cook.  The joy, however, is in seeing the looks in my family's faces when I have hit a homerun with a recipe.  There are times I have seen other things on their faces, and when that happens, I know that I do not need to save that recipe and delete it from my Pinterest. 
The review I am going to do today is for a recipe that I tried last night.  The post was "Hawaiin Sweet Roll Ham Sammies".  I used a whole grain bread instead of the Hawaiin Sweet rolls and it was a hit and when I say it was a hit I mean there was NONE left.  Here is the recipe:

I used sweet whole grain rolls from the Walmart bakery.

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