Tuesday, October 9, 2012

LUNCHBOX IDEAS - 10/09/2012

I took a day off yesterday from making lunches.  It was quite nice!!  My girls and I went to the Texas State Fair and had a great time.  While we were gone my wonderful HONEY made the girls lunches.  They had peanut butter and crackers, cheddar cheese, and grapes.  Even though they love my lunches, their lunch today was a good, simple variety.  I'm back today, so here is what they are getting tomorrow:

"confetti" mac and cheese - I took a store bought package of mac and cheese.  I put the fresh brocolli and carrots in with the macaroni until they were soft.  I drained them and added the cheese and cut up fresh spinach and smoked sausage.  The girls LOVE this.  It was something I was afraid they wouldn't like last time, so I didn't save the extra I had left over.  This time I did :)
grapes and watermellon for Reygan
grapes, apple slices, and cantaloup for Eryn
dessert mix - animal crackers, banana chips, semi sweet choco chips, and almonds

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