Thursday, September 13, 2012


My 13 year old daughter has the best hair...thick, easy to grow, and has the most beautiful natural highlights.  Both of my girls had those beautiful highlights but the oldest decided she wanted to go black, so it is taking quite a while to get back to normal.  I have done this a few times but last night I sat for 30 minutes and put my 13 year old's hair up in pin curls.  It takes longer than normal because her hair is unbelievably thick, but it is so easy.
  1. Devide the hair in to sections.
  2. devide those sections in two and then twist
  3. roll up in to a bun like thing and pin end around bun and to head
  4. repeat with other sections
  5. leave overnight
  6. in the morning...using a blowdryer, dry each pincurl for a few mintes
  7. undo the twists
  8. flip head over and using fingers shake out curls
This is how it looks:

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