Wednesday, September 26, 2012

LUNCHBOX 09/26/2012

I was looking at the new postings on Pinterest this morning and came across a recipe that I thought would be perfect for breakfast this morning.  Easy and quick and something the girls could grab and go.  So, I got up and made it right then and there.  The girls LOVED them.  They are sausage biscuit bites.  The recipe is located here:  I halved the recipe and used a can of wheat grands cut in half instead of flaky biscuits.  I had a few left over, so I put them in the girls lunch for tomorrow.  Here is what they are having:

sausage biscuit bites
salad (lettuce, brocolli, cherry tomatoes, and bell pepper) with honey mustard dressing
boiled egg
banana almond chocolate chip cookies (Elvis cookies) - recipe found here with a few additions: (I added almonds, about 1/2 c of semi sweet choco chips, 1/2 c peanut butter chips.  I also substituted splenda brown sugar for brown sugar and used granulated splenda for 1/2 of the sugar.)
watermelon and grapes

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