Wednesday, September 5, 2012

lunchbox for teen girls 09/05/2012

Well...I did not post the lunchbox yesterday.  It was kind of the same as one last week.
homemade "lunchables"
cherry tomatoes
fruit salad (one box sugar free vanilla pudding, 1 cup milk, 8oz vanilla greek yogurt, sugar free cool whip...whip these together...add blueberries, grapes, and bananas (girls didn't like the apple in it).  Huge favorite for them)
salad (lettuce, bell pepper, cucumber, avacado with low fat zesty italian dressing)

Today is another first for them, so we shall see how they like it.  They are really enjoying the lunches and are excited everyday to see what is.  I have, however, forgot to put their notes and jokes in their lunches the last two days, and believe me, I have heard about it. 
Today's lunches include:

guacamole turkey wrap - used blue mesa tortilla.  spread layer of guacamole.  top with deli turkey breast or honey ham depending on child, deli american cheese, and lettuce and wrap like a burrito.
cherry tomatoes from farmer's market-yum
low fat pecan sandies
crockpot applesauce - found the recipe on pinterest and here:
cheese its and cheese ritz bitz

UPDATE:  this one was their favorite so far.  Liked everything except the spicy ritz bitz.

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