Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lunchbox ideas - 09/30/2012

I went overboard on groceries this weekend.  I went to 2 farmer's markets, Sam's club, and Walmart.  I used price match at Walmart, as I always do, but came away for the whole day with a back end of my SUV full of stuff.  I bought a pumpkin in hopes that I will be able to use the insides for pumpkin something or other dessert.  I've never cooked with fresh pumpkin, so this should be very interesting.  I also bought 2 herb plants...basil and oregeno.  Never grew these kind of plants..really any kind of plants.  I tend to kill them..even cactus.  So that's going to be even more interesting.  Thank goodness I am saving money on laundry and dishwashing soap, or I would break us with groceries.  I won't have to go shopping for a month at least.
Tomorrow's lunch is one of the girls favorites.

turkey or ham and cheese wrap (turkey for Eryn and ham for Reygan) - guacamole, cheese, and meat
salad - lettuce, spinace, brocolli, tomato, bell pepper
fruit - oranges, watermellon, grapes
cheese its
animal crackers

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