Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I decided I am going to start putting my lunchbox fixins (ha, I'm from Texas, can you tell) on at night after I fix them.  Today, I did my 1 1/2 communte in to work...that's 3 darn hours on the road when I have to go in to work.  Again, thank goodness I only do that twice a week.  When I got home, had to finish up dinner because Bryan did not know how to cook fresh brocolli...then, I had to get Reygan to Church and Eryn and I went to the Ellis County College fair.  Holy Cow...I think everyone within a hundred mile radius came to this thing.  Every college you could think of was there.  Eryn had decided to get her basics at a junior college but decided she would have an open mind after tonight.  We are running behind on this college we got to get it in gear.  Anyway, tomorrow's lunch was an easy one to make...kind of simple but I'm thinking they will like that.

Reygan has left over oven roasted chicken...Eryn has turkey chunks
boiled egg
and a mixture of banana chips, almonds, and semi-sweet chocolate chips

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