Thursday, September 20, 2012


Where did this week go?  I go tomorrow to the Women of Faith conference but I have so much to do before then.  I won't even know how to act not having to worry about doing anything here at the house....can't wait.  Tomorrow's lunch is some leftovers but good least for one of the girls.  Can you believe that someone doesn't like pork chops.  How the world did I raise a child to NOT like pork chops.  CRAZY!! 
Here is what they get:

Reygan - Honey Garlic baked pork chops (diced up)
Eryn - boiled egg and chunks of cheddar and ritz crackers
pasta salad - suddenly salad with cherry tomatoes and spinach added
crockpot applesauce - recipe found on pinterest (Eryn got mango)
chocolate chip graham gold fish

I have not written about what they take for drinks, but we saved the little bottles that gatarade was in and they take juice or water with a crystal light pack.

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