Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Bryan put up all the tomatoes (about 45lbs of tomatoes).  Ended up being 10 quarts plus 2 quarts of tomato basil soup.  We ate 1/2 a quart for dinner last night.  As I was making the grilled cheese to go with the tomato soup, I went ahead and made 2 more for the girls to have for lunch.  By the way, homemade tomato basil soup is so very good.  I will post the recipe shortly. 
Here is what the girls are getting for lunch:

Eryn - turkey, avacado, and cheese grilled cheese
Reygan - ham and cheese grilled cheese (she is the crazy girl who doesn't like avacado...nuts)
pasta salad - used bacon ranch Suddenly salad but added some fresh spinach and cherry tomatoes for that little extra nutrition kick.
orange slices and grapes
honey and oats granola bar

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