Friday, September 7, 2012

sugar-free candied nuts - bariatric friendly recipe

I just spent 15.00 on a 1/2 pound of cinnamon nuts at the mall the other day.  $15...crazy and they were full of sugar so I didn't get to eat very many.  My girls got to enjoy them.  So, I decided to see if there was a recipe I could make at home costing way less than $15 and stumbled across something even I could enjoy and not get sick.  I have just made the perfect snack for us gastric bypass people.  sugar-free candied walnuts!!!  Low carb - check...sugar free - check...protein - check...great taste - check!!!  I found the recipe on pinterest and here:
I'm going to be making this for my mother, who is a diabetic, for Christmas..mixing up the nuts a a matter of fact mixed nuts is a perfect idea.  You can really do any nuts with this recipe....pecans, walnuts, almonds...etc. and a mixture of all the above.  It couldn't be easier to make.

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