Thursday, September 6, 2012

Recipe from Pinterest review - Crock-pot Hungarian goulash

The days I actually have to go in to work are always hectic...especially during the school year...and especially this year.  The girls father is in the nursing home here in town which is good for the girls since they get to see him everyday if they want to, but can be very stressful making sure he is comfortable.  He's a 51 year old blind, diabetic man on hard it must be to have to live in a nursing home at that young, my girls and I do everything we can to bring up his spirits.  With that said, most of the meals in our household are one pot, crock-pot meals and we love it.  Last night, my sweetheart put on a Hungarian goulash.  I got the recipe on pinterest and here: .  The flavor was wonderful!!  I did not have stew meat but did have a couple of sirloin steaks, so I cut them up the night before so that Bryan could get it prepared and put in the crockpot early yesterday morning.  I really recommend this recipe.  It contains ingredients that most of us have on hand.  You do have to brown the meat, but that only took about 5 mins and while doing that, he cut up the veggies (fileting his finger as he did it...ouch).   For the noodles, we used whole wheat rotini.  My teen girls and Bryan had seconds ( I would have if my little pouch would have let me.)

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