Monday, September 17, 2012


What a weekend.  We went to the farmer's market on Saturday and came away with 50lbs of tomatoes for $20.  It was a great deal.  We asked several venders before we got this one and the others were asking $25 for 25lbs.  NO THANKS.  So excited to can some tomato juice for soups this winter.  Got some Roundrock pure honey as well.  Last week we got 40lbs of bananas for $8, so I think I'm set for a little while.  Anyway, today's lunch is going to be good for the girls.  They like everything I packed so we shall see how it is cold.

spinach quesadillas - sauted some green onions and chopped tomatoes with spinach.  I also added a little salsa, cumin and garlic salt.  I then wiped out the pan and layed a whole grain tortilla in bottom...topped with cheddar cheese...added sauted spinach...topped with more cheese...layed another tortilla on top.  browned both sides (about 2-3mins on each side)
homemade quacamole
sour cream and salsa dip
fruit salad with grapes, blueberries, and pineapple (only one girl likes this so the other one got crockpot applesauce with blueberries)
quakes - carmel corn

I will update with a review of how they liked it.

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  1. My 13 year old doesn't like blueberries, but that was her only dislike of this lunch...however, my 17 year old said the spinach quesadillas are not very good cold. She said she would love it as a dinner while it is still hot because it is good, but would rather not have it for lunch.