Monday, September 24, 2012


What a weekend!!  I left Friday evening for the Women of Faith conference and spent all day Saturday there as well.  It was a great time but the changes they made caused it not be as good as in the years past.  I enjoyed my girlfriends, though, and I needed the weekend for myself.  Yesterday we had a little birthday party for my girls' dad.  We got him from the nursing home and he came over to watch some Cowboys, eat a home cooked meal, and eat some cake.  He almost didn't make it a few weeks ago, so I am so glad the girls got to spend this birthday with him.  I finally got around to making the lunches about 8pm.  So, here is what they got:

beef quesadillas (left over meat from the meat in the burrito casserole I made for lunch)
birthday cake
fresh quacamole
sour cream
cherry tomatoes
carrot chips

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